I have long been fascinated with space and its exploration. Growing up in Titusville, Florida (Cape Canaveral) might have contributed to my love for exploring the outer galaxies. Recently, I was given a wonderful telescope by one of our church members. While I am still learning how to use the telescope, I am looking forward to viewing the Moon, Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Mars and other planets. Of course, when we talk about the heavens above, my mind naturally turns to God, who created the earth, the animals, vegetation, the seas and the galaxies. The scientific community tells us that the world began with a bang and from that bang, everything came into existence. Therefore, we are to believe that one single molecule created everything. While the explanations for this phenomenon are complex and detailed; scientists have still not answered how the single cell or molecule came to be. On a practical level, it takes much more faith to believe this explanation than it does to believe that a supreme being created the universe and the worlds beyond earth. It’s not only that God created, but He ordered everything to work perfectly – the seasons, the tides, the food chain, the climate and ecological systems. Illustrations abound that God’s thumbprint is on the creation – the women’s reproductive system, the purpose for seasons, how plants and vegetation feed specific animals, etc. Yes, God ordered everything to work perfectly. So, am I to believe that one molecule ordered everything? Or is it much more realistic and plausible to believe Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning (רֵאשִׁית), God created the heavens and the earth.” The word beginning is a point of reference or a starting point for everything that follows in Genesis Chapter 1. Thus, we can say that God, who created (בָּרָא) or shaped and molded everything, is the necessary cause agent in creation. It appears to me that the belief in the existence of God and His work in creation is the only explanation! So, when I look through my telescope in the evenings, I see the glory and majesty of the Lord. And this makes me praise His wonderful work!

In Christ, Pastor Mike

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