The Communication Team has set up podcasting for the weekly sermon. Podcasting will be available each week once the sermon is uploaded. Normally, the sermon is posted to the website on Sunday afternoon. There are numerous apps for receiving the weekly sermon. The weekly sermon can be found on Apple iTunes which the vast majority of people use. However, the sermon can also be played on your iPhone or iPad. If you own an Android phone, the Google Podcasts app works well. For Android users just download the app from the play store and use the search box to find “First Baptist Church of Tolono”. Once the podcast is found, simply hit the “Subscribe” button. Then, every week you will automatically receive the sermon! If you own an iPhone/iPad, the best app is called “Podcast.” Repeat the same procedure as used for the Android. Again, our goal is to reach as many people as possible. So, feel free to share the podcast with friends, family, and your neighbors.
God Bless!

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