Covid-19 & the Church

Several members of the church have tested positive for the COVID-19. Audrey and I have both had the virus. Fortunately, we both had the monoclonal antibodies treatment and started feeling better within a 24 hour period. If you find yourself diagnosed with COVID-19, I would highly encourage getting the treatment. You have 10 days from the onset of symptoms to get the treatment. If you miss that window, they will not give you the treatment. I am not being political here, just telling you the treatment worked for us. So, what can we do to help the church worship in a safer environment? These are common sense thoughts:
1. If you have been around someone with the Covid-19 virus, stay home and don’t come to church. The CDC just announced a change to the quarantine policy. In the past, the CDC said to quarantine 10-21 days. Just the other day, the CDC changed the policy to 5 days. So, do your fellow worshippers a favor, stay home, and get tested for the virus. If you are negative, then just quarantine for 5 days.
2. If you are running a fever, stay home and do not come to church. Although a fever could be the result of a cold or flu, it is an indication that your body is fighting some type of infection. I would recommend getting tested for the virus and then seeking medical attention from your doctor. It may be nothing more than the seasonal flu or it could be COVID-19. Your doctor may give you a Z-Pack or other antibiotics to fight the infection.
3. If you are just not feeling well, stay home and do not come to church. One symptom of the COVID-19 virus is feeling tired or weak. I had that experience with my own bout of the virus. It took a couple of weeks to start getting my strength back. So, if you are feeling weak or unusually tired, I would encourage you to get tested for the virus.
4. If you are nervous to be in church, stay home. We offer online services on our website (, we stream live on our Facebook page through Microsoft Team Meeting and I upload an audio sermon to our website once the sermon is over. So, there are plenty of options to worship without sitting in the sanctuary.

In Christ,
Pastor Mike

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