Sermon via Home Phone

With Church Services now being required to be streamed for the rest of the month, Pastor Mike and I were looking for additional ways for everyone to join.  We have decided to add an option to allow you to call in from your phone for Wednesday and Sunday services.  This should give everyone the ability to hear Pastor Mike without the need for a computer or the internet! Currently, this is going to be separate from the Facebook Live stream, so audio will not sync up to the video there if you do both.

To join via your phone follow these steps:

  1. Wait for times that we typically start to stream online.
    1. 9:55 am on Sundays and 6:30 pm on Wednesdays
    2. If you call in too early you will either get a message indicating as such and be disconnected or you will just wait in the lobby longer.  Waiting in the Lobby is sufficient as you’ll be admitted once we start.
  2. Dial: 1 779-513-8693
  3. Enter Conference ID:
    1. Sunday is 85397845#
    2. Wednesday is 433842310#
  4. If you receive a prompt asking if you are the organizer, you can ignore that.
  5. You will be placed in the Virtual Lobby until we admit you, this shouldn’t take long once we have started.
  6. Once admitted you may be muted if there is noise in the background to avoid disturbing others, if possible we encourage you to mute your own microphone.
    1. If you get muted from us (you will receive a notification) and want to talk, just press *6 on your phone to unmute yourself to the rest of the participants.
  7. Once we are finished, just hang up the phone as normal.

in Christ,
Pastor Mike

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