Who’s Your One?

According to recent data, there are 5.5 billion people living in the world today. And by the end of the century, we may see the population increase to 12 billion. There are some 2.18 billion professed Christians worldwide. While I find that difficult believe, those are the numbers according to recent surveys.
The survey reveals that over 3 billion people do not know Jesus as Savior and Lord. So, the fields are ripe for harvest. As believers, we live in a unique time. People are searching for the meaning of life. People are looking to fill the void in their hearts. As Christians, we know the answer: Jesus. The five-part sermon series will challenge us to find one person – one family member, one friend, one co-worker, one neighbor – and share the gospel. I am asking you to start praying for just one person to share the good news of the gospel with this year.
So, “Who’s Your One?”

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