Engage: “Heart Worship” (Part 1 of 2)

If you are visiting a church for the first time, what things are you looking for in your visit? Some people are searching for a friendly church. And to some degree, friendliness is important. If people don’t feel welcome, they won’t be back. Others may want to make sure that God’s Word is being preached. I believe this is a major factor in finding the right choice for you and your family. Still, others may want a dynamic worship service. Some may want a contemporary service and others a more traditional approach to worship. However, the style of worship is more of a personal preference than a biblical mandate. The Bible supports both praise songs and liturgical forms of hymns. The most important thing in worship is our hearts!
Scholars refer to this Psalm as the Old 100th. Psalm 100 was sung during Temple worship services. The psalm focuses on giving thanks to God and praise to Him for His leadership.

Outline of Psalm 100

Triple imperative call to worship (100:1-2)

Central call to know that the Lord, he is the true God (100:3)

Triple imperative call to worship (100:4-5)

Psalm 100 helps us gain the right perspective on what is important and not important in worship. Our first pillar is Engage God in Worship. And that begins by seeking the right attitude to the worship of God.

in Christ,
Pastor Mike

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