Engage, Connect & Serve

I want to focus this week on how we carry out the work of ministry in our church. Engage: we engage God in worship and engage the lost by sharing the gospel. The primary mission of the church is worship and evangelism. Connect: we connect people to God’s Word for cultivating spiritual growth and for developing an authentic community environment. Serve: we serve in the church, our local community, and the world. So, how does Engage, Connect and Serve function on a practical level? As ministry teams meet to discuss events and make plans, the focus should be on how to include engage, connect and serve. For example, if the team is planning to have a special meal (e.g., Valentine’s Day dinner), there are numerous possibilities. The team could invite someone to speak on evangelism (love of God) or have a Bible study or request food for a local food bank. Anyone of these ideas would fit Engage, Connect or Serve. So, I would like the encourage all teams to begin thinking about how your team’s ministry plans will fit into the Engage, Connect and Serve model. Don’t be afraid to be creative! If you need help, please do not hesitate to talk to me. God Bless and thank you for serving Christ and the church!

Pastor Mike


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