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    July 23 – August 20, 2017

     The Reformation began in 1517 because of the publication of Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis. The thesis set forth 95 articles of faith which were opposed to the Catholic Church. The paper directly attacked the indulgences of the Pope and Rome. Then, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 Thesis to the front door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. Thus, the Reformation began.
    Soon the movement spread throughout Europe. However, there was a price to pay for the movement. Today, historians estimate between 50 and 150 million reformers died while defending the faith. The Pope and the Catholic church are to blame for the deaths.
    The sermon series will examine five critical theological foundations of the Reformation:
    1. Sola Christus
    2. Sola Scriptura
    3. Sola Gratia
    4. Sola Fides
    5. Sola Deo Gloria
    My prayer is that we will grow in our faith and come to appreciate the freedom we have in Christ!
    God bless,
    Pastor Mike

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