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  • Community Fall Fest & Chili Cook-off

    FALL FEST & CHILI COOK-OFF: Sunday, October 8, 4:00 - 7:00pm. Please join us for an evening full of family fun, food and entertainment. The Powell Family will be entertaining in the sanctuary starting at 6:00pm. This is a free event, but we do ask those who attend, to bring a
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    A Blind Faith?

    I am currently reading Edwin Gaustad's book, "Sworn on the Altar of God." The book is a biography of the religious life of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas grew up during the period known as the age "Enlightenment." Reason and nature were the capstones of this period. A portion of the book
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    Operation Christmas Child

    Children in Action and Missions Friends will be packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  They kicked off the mission by filling a cross with 38 empty boxes with hopes to fill them all and deliver them to the processing plant.  They will be collecting donations, either items for the
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    Tree Theology: Establishing Our Roots

    Trees provide oxygen for our lungs. Without trees in the world, we simply wouldn't be able to continue living. Therefore, trees are vital for our existence. Beyond this basic understanding, trees are often used as theological images for theology. This series will explore famous trees in the Bible and examine
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